Kiddie Rides


Young Kids Love it!

We have fun “Kiddie Rides” party rentals specifically for small children like our Rocking Cars. We have three Rocking Cars to choose from. A favorite with the little kids. No Drivers License Needed!

Rocking Cars are Indoor OR Outdoor rides!

3 Rocking Cars Available
1) Hummer
2) Pretty in Pink
3) Red Hot Lamborghini

Choose any one Rocking Car


Taxes, delivery and set up fee NOT included.

3 Rocking Cars to Choose From

Red Hot Lamborghini

Pretty in Pink



Young Kids Love it!

A Traditional Children’s Favorite!  We have a great favorite of young children, it’s our Carousels. Our Pony Carousel has 3 ponies and our Pony & Canary Carousel has 2 ponies and a canary. Young children will love riding our carousels with their friends. The perfect ride for small children.

Children’s Carousels are Indoor OR Outdoor rides

2 Carousels Available
1) Pony Carousel
2) Pony & Canary Carousel

Choose any one Carousel


Taxes, delivery and set up fee NOT included.

Pony Carousel

Pony and Canary Carousel